Website costs can vary due to a variety of factors, just as home costs vary. However, our website projects typically start at €700 for a simple business website and go beyond that depending on your specific needs.
Yes. We can include copywriting and editing in our offer. It also helps you create a site map and lay the foundation for your website during the planning phase.
We aim for an average delivery time of 1-3 weeks, but the pace of each project is determined by each client. The amount of input you can provide early on, the availability of feedback, the speed with which content is ready, all of which affect the speed of completion. Functional requirements can also play a role. More complex websites take longer to develop.
Yes! We love it when our clients learn to manage their website by themselves. We provide training sessions to help you get started. We will answer all your questions!
Of course! Using modern communication tools such as Zoom or Skype we are able to contact the whole world. Most often we work with customers from Germany, we are appreciated on this market, for which we are very grateful.
Definitely it will! More and more people are accessing the Internet from small screens, and this trend is likely to continue. If your website does not display or function properly on your mobile or tablet screen, you run the risk of losing most of your potential audience. This means that mobile responsive web design has become an integral part of these days. All the websites we build are mobile responsive.
All of our websites are built using best practices, with no code bloat and optimized for search engines. We are also pleased to be able to integrate SEO auditing into all website projects. The SEO audit consists of examining current keywords, SEO and PPC strategies to see where you can improve based on traffic and content quality. Auditing not only provides a wealth of information, but also installs it on your website and recommends future strategies.
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Web Development
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Search Engine Optimization
Consultancy & Support
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The difficulty of updating an existing one depends on what changes are needed. Delivery can take a long time if your needs are very complex. If you would like to implement minor changes, they can be processed and delivered at the earliest possible time. At Day Night, we will discuss with you, understand your requirements, and then proceed with the necessary steps. You are in good hands!
Yes! There is no reason not to buy an SSL certificate and upgrade your website to HTTPS in 2022. Google Chrome, the world's most popular web browser, will display a big red warning to visitors if the website is not completely secure. Just like another browerser: Firefox. Therefore, be sure to get an SSL certificate and keep it up to date. This prevents content from being tampered with and prevents customer information from being monitored or stolen. There are many other reasons why HTTPS is essential for your website or business. For more information on how to upgrade your website to SSL, just contact us - we are here for you.
100% yes! We don't just build website for you. Our main goal is to help you succeed online. We are ready for the long term and our team is committed to your success, with pay-per-click advertising (AdWords/Facebook accounts) including local SEO, domestic SEO, global SEO, search and display networks. We offer many online branding packages. Just ask!
​By installing Google Analytics, which is a Google program that collates and presents all your website visitor statistics including number of visitors, how long they spent on each page, where they are from, keyword searches to your website and plenty more. We can set this up for you for a one-off fee of €50.
As you can imagine, the answer to this question varies from project to project. However, we will do our best to manage each project as efficiently as possible. That said, we don't expect to develop a site without your participation, insight, experience and support to help understand what works best for your business and goals.
We would like you to provide:

  • Collect and organize all the necessary photos and documents you plan to use on your site.

  • Work with us to answer questions about your business, your goals, and your customers.

  • Create and/or edit the content for each page.